WarMUX a worms like 100% free on Android

It continues on mobile games with WarMUX a worms’like 100% free on Android.

This time they are not earthworms are placed in the rank of star, but the mascots of Unix that are all free software is an arena in slaughtering without mercy.

At your disposal, you’ll have an arsenal of weapons: rocket launchers, rifles, grenades, dynamite, baseball bats and other trickery like that … The universe is pretty cool because worms found in a setting like doing a little thought style cartoons (cartoon) in 2d. Optionally, several teams are available: Penguin, Wildebeest, Firefox, Wilber…) and will explode the head of his opponent in trouble to find the cemetery.

Last precision WarMUX is free (GPL) and free without advertising. Download it here.

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